java - gRPC: Generate certificateChainFile and privateKeyFile to make TLS/SSL work


I want to make tls/ssl connection between client and server(Not mutual, one way).

This is my setup:


    Server server = ServerBuilder.forPort(8443)
        // Enable TLS
        .useTransportSecurity(certChainFile, privateKeyFile)
        .addService(new GreetingServiceImpl())


    // With server authentication SSL/TLS
   ManagedChannel channel = ManagedChannelBuilder.forAddress("localhost", 8443)
   GreetingServiceGrpc.GreetingServiceBlockingStub stub =

All I need is Terminal commands to generate certChainFile and privateKeyFile(in .pem) to pass these file to server code as shown above.

1 Answer: 

All I need is Terminal commands to generate certChainFile and privateKeyFile

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:1024 -keyout ./testkey.pem -out ./testcert.crt -days 999 -subj "/CN=localhost"

This command generates a an RSA key and a self-signed certificate.

But you need more than that.

  1. SSL by default checks the common name (CN) equals the hostname. Therefore you need to generate certificate which has CN=localhost

  2. the client must trust the server's certificate, so the certificate needs to be imported into the client's trustore (though I am not sure how to configure the trust-store for the client, I will leave it up to you).


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