git - How to use libgit2sharp with ssh-transport-protocol?


When I use libgit2sharp in project to clone repository with ssh-transport protocol, like 

It throw an exception, says "This transport isn't implemented. Sorry"

How can I clone repository with ssh-transport-protocol by using libgit2sharp ?

2 Answers: 

Unfortunately, Ssh protocol is not supported yet. At this time only git:// (read-only) and http[s]:// protocols are.

However, it will eventually be, by leveraging the libssh2 library.

Subscribing to issue #255 notifications will keep you updated about the progress made regarding this feature.


There's a work in progress in libgit2 (see PR #2428) that should help us make LibGit2Sharp able to cope with the ssh protocol sooner rather than later.

Update 2:

PR #852 is working on making ssh available to LibGit2Sharp


Unfortunately, LibGit2Sharp does not include necessary crypto libraries out of box (

Use LibGit2Sharp-SSH NuGet package (fork).

private void Run()
    var url = "ssh://";
    var path = @"C:\Temp\some-repository";

    LibGit2Sharp.Repository.Clone(url, path, new LibGit2Sharp.CloneOptions { CredentialsProvider = MyCredentialsProvider });

private Credentials MyCredentialsProvider(string url, string usernameFromUrl, SupportedCredentialTypes types)
    var sshDir = Path.Combine(Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.UserProfile), ".ssh");

    return new LibGit2Sharp.SshUserKeyCredentials()
        Username = usernameFromUrl,
        Passphrase = string.Empty,
        PublicKey = Path.Combine(sshDir, ""),
        PrivateKey = Path.Combine(sshDir, "id_rsa"),

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