pycharm - pydev debugger: CRITICAL WARNING: This version of python seems to be incorrectly compiled


I can't figure out how to fix this PyCharm warning. I started getting it after I migrated my account to a new Mac. (I also just updated PyCharm.)

Another symptom is the PyCharm editor is complaining about references to methods on commands like "". Even though when I run my app, it seems to run fine.

And... I'm also getting PyCharm failed to generate skeletons. I did unload and reload the 2.5 interpreter and still getting the same.


2 Answers: 

That can be caused by corrupted .pyc files. See for details.

You can try to remove all .pyc files from your project and reinstall your Python.


Re-cloning my entire repository to a fresh location, and then re-installing Google app engine caused this error to go away. Also note, I tried reinstalling OSX first to get a fresh copy of the Python interpreters, although by itself, that didn't seem to affect it.


Ran into the same problem when switching to 2.7 and the conclusive fix, as I found here

was to install Apple's Command Line Tools (which seems to install the Python interpreter source that has evidently been removed from the standard Mountain Lion install). I installed from within Xcode at

Xcode>Preferences>Downloads pane>Install.

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