macos - What is the difference between installing python from the website and using brew?


I have a Mac with OSX 10.11.6. I used brew to install python3. It installed python 3.5.2, but I need python 3.5.1. I've been googling, but can't figure out how I would install 3.5.1 via brew. So I went to and downloaded the python-3.5.1-macosx10.6.pkg. I searched for how installing python this way would differ from installing it via brew, but couldn't find any answers.

So, it is possible to brew install python 3.5.1? If not, what will it mean to install 3.5.1 via .pkg file?

1 Answer: 

it is possible to brew install python 3.5.1?

Yes it is. See this StackOverflow answer.

If not, what will it mean to install 3.5.1 via .pkg file?

The most noticeable change will be that you won’t be able to upgrade your Python installation without downloading the new version and installing it by hand (compared to brew upgrade python3). It’ll also be slightly more complicated to remove compared to brew rm python3.

Other than these minor differences you should have the same experience with both installations. Be sure that the python installed from python-3.5.1-macosx10.6.pkg is before Homebrew’s in your PATH or use its full path.


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