botframework - Ms Teams Bot Icon is not displayed


I've used app studio from MS Teams to creat a manifest for a Bot App. I've uploaded the full color picture as well as trasparent outlone. However the icon is not displaying at the chat window. Only the default icon is visivle.

Any ideas, how can I solve the issue? Thanks a lot!

1 Answer: 

Is your bot sideloaded or uploaded to your organization's private app store? In those cases, the image used for the bot in the chat window is taken from the bot registration in Bot Framework. (This is a known issue that we're tracking.)

To change your bot's icon:

  • If you registered your bot using App Studio:
    1. Go to and sign in with the same account you use in Teams
    2. Select your bot, then go to Settings
    3. Click on "Upload custom icon"
  • If you registered your app using the Azure portal:
    1. Go to the Bot Service or Bot Channels Registration resource in Azure
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Upload a custom icon

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