c# - How to connect with bot from another app?


I have created a core bot with basic workflow to collect information from end-users, which is hosted on http://localhost:3978, and exposes an endpoint to send message http://localhost:3978/api/messages (POST)

I can start and chat with bot via Bot Framework Emulator, but I dont know how to interact with it via CodeBehind, or from another web application. I read some information about Direct Line API but I am still quite confused.

Could I implement my own Direct Line API to connect with my bot? Is there any samples to interact with bot from another application? Is there direct ways to connect with bot?

Please sorry if any typo misstakes.

1 Answer: 

You can connect to the bot using the Directline REST API, but it would be much easier to implement WebChat into your app. There are TONS of samples to help you get started.

Emulator is just an Electron app that uses WebChat.

Quick Start:

  1. Clone the Getting Started Sample
  2. Get your WebChat Secret from Azure Portal > Resource Group > Web App Bot > Channels

enter image description here

  1. Edit this part of the index.html:
const res = await fetch('https://webchat-mockbot.azurewebsites.net/directline/token', { method: 'POST' });
const { token } = await res.json();

To just:

const token = '<yourWebChatSecret>`

...replacing <yourWebChatSecret> with the one you copied from Step 2.

  1. cd into the folder containing index.html and run npx serve
  2. Open the site at localhost:5000

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