java - Paypal expressCheckout integration (DoExpressCheckout) error


I have a ExpressCheckout integration setup in java google app engine and it working up to GetExpresschekout .but in finall call(DoExpressCheckout) I am unable to Authorize payment .it returns an error

RESULT=1000&PNREF=E24P1FBB8FA4&RESPMSG=Generic processor error: 13116-The transaction is in progress for this token.&AVSADDR=N&AVSZIP=N

but the same code is works in local but it is showing above error in after deployment.

Thanks in advance

1 Answer: 

I don't know why it works when testing locally, but that error simply means the user hasn't actually paid yet. This might be because the user really hasn't paid yet or because the transaction is pending verification. PayPal flags some transactions as risky and takes a few good hours to verify them.

Did you wait for the user to return to RETURNURL before executing DoExpressCheckout()? Did you verify the user didn't actually return to CANCELURL?

Did you verify with GetTransactionDetails() that PAYMENTSTATUS is "Completed" and not "Pending"? You can check `PendingReason" for more details. See Payment Review for more information on pending transactions.


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