botframework - Few question about Microsoft Teams using bot


  1. It is possible to force a bot to join (and listen) all teams, meetings, chats conversation in my tenant without being invited or beginning the conversation?
  2. When a member was added to a team, my bot received a "conversationUpdate" message with the member that was added in the "memberAdded" field. I would also like to know if the bot has the ability to delete a member of a team used "memberRemoved" field?

3.Does the bot have the ability to delete a message / file from a channel / chat conversation?

4.Can the bot that is part of a meeting have the option of expelling a member from the meeting?


1 Answer: 

  1. No. Currently bot needs to be @mentioned in order to receive channel messages.
  2. Member added/ removed are the events to notify of changes happening in Team. You cannot remove a member using these events. However, your bot can use Graph API to add/remove members provided you have valid access token.

  3. Bot can not delete chat message but could update existing message sent by bot. You can use Graph API to read channel messages.

  4. No. The bot can access the list of participants, invite new participants, and mute them. Check Calls and online meetings bots


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