html - Reveal.js iframe background


I want an embedded iframe to be full screen (or an adjusted percentage of the full screen) in a reveal.js presentation. This discussion implies that I can set the iframe as a background, but this returns the default background:

<section data-background="">

I have also tried putting the iframe in a div with class stretch, but it only takes up a percentage of the screen:

<div class = "stretch">
     <iframe width="100%" height="100%" src=""></iframe>

2 Answers: 

To answer your question about interacting with the background iframes:

Use the dev branch on reveal.js to get the data-background-iframe feature. Implement this small patch to interact with the iframes until something similar gets merged in.

function showSlide( slide ) {
    // ...

    if( background ) {
        // ...
        document.querySelector('.reveal > .backgrounds').style['z-index'] = 0;
        // ...
        if( background.hasAttribute( 'data-loaded' ) === false ) {
            // ...
            if( backgroundImage ) {
                // ...
            // ...
           else if ( backgroundIframe ) {
               // ...
              document.querySelector('.reveal > .backgrounds').style['z-index'] = 1;

To be clear, the two lines being added are:

document.querySelector('.reveal > .backgrounds').style['z-index'] = 0; // reset when not in iframe
document.querySelector('.reveal > .backgrounds').style['z-index'] = 1; // set when in iframe



perhaps you already figured it out, it's seem to be recent improvement:

<section data-background-iframe="">



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