git - replaying code for a hands on code presentation


So I need to conduct a workshop where I will be coding live on stage to build a demo app while the audience may follow.

First problem is my typing speed is slow and secondly we have a fixed time span in which to complete the presentation.

I have seen some youtube videos where presenters will use some magic keys and full lines will appear in the IDE without typing or they mock the typing but at a super fast speed. A big time saver.

I came across this similar question but that tool works only on windows and I am on a mac.

Another similar concept is implemented on thecodeplayer.

My best bet right now is to save each step into a git branch and keep checking out the branches as I go during the presentation.

Any better ideas? maybe even a shell script that can checkout next branch in a chronological order ? or does there exist any tool for this purpose?

EDIT: I am using IntelliJ IDEA as my IDE, just in case there is a plugin for such use cases.

EDIT2: Some other tools doing similar stuff




1 Answer: 

You are looking for a live template feature of IntelliJ. You may have used it before, for example the most known one is when you type


and then you see dropdown of options, if you hit Enter it will become


So what you need to do is to create a several of those for your presentation. Here is an IntelliJ page on how to do it. Note that you can place cursor inside of a created code block, so if, for example, you want to create a method, with one template you can create an empty method, then second template will print the method body, and so on.


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