r - Line by line analysis and plotting on multiple monitors during presentation


I am preparing a presentation on data analysis and I am provided with a 2-3 monitor and projector head-up. I would like to use one monitor(+projector) for code, one monitor(+projector) for console display and one monitor(+projector) for plots. Monitors are for me, projectors for the audience.

I would also like to run the code line-by-line (similar to the Ctr-Enter feature of RStudio); copy pasting code won't work. I want to use interactive graphics, analysis and plotting on-the-fly so any pre-done analysis won't work.

Is there any way to achieve this? Although Rstudio is a fantastic tool, a rather basic (and one might say easy) feature like panel detachment is not being developed although frequently requested. This would be probably the best solution to what I want.

UPDATE: Any OS (Win, Mac, Linux) will do.

1 Answer: 

You should be able to use the vanilla R GUI. Within that you have separate panels/windows for code, console, and plots (with as many plot windows as you want by calling a new device like quartz()). You can evaluate a line of code from the script using Cmd-Enter(mac) and Cntr-Enter (pc) plus the default settings highlight the line of interest. You could also use emacs in the same way, which I find much more powerful and fun.


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