r - How can I incrementally build a plot in an ioslide presentation using Rmarkdown?


I'm trying to build a plot incrementally on one slide using Rmarkdown to create an ioslides (HTML) presentation. I've tried using {.build} but to no avail, and it seems there is no documentation on this in the Rmarkdown community. Does anyone know how to write this code in R?

Here is a MWE where I try to build a plot in three steps, from a blank plot to a scatterplot to a lineplot, all in one slide where the plots unfold by clicking forward one at a time:

title: "Untitled"
author: "User"
date: "07/03/2014"
output: ioslides_presentation

## Slide Title

```{r, echo=FALSE}
x <- rnorm(10)

```{r, echo=FALSE, fig.align='center'}

```{r, echo=FALSE, fig.align='center'}

```{r, echo=FALSE, fig.align='center'}

Any thoughts on how to get this?

1 Answer: 

After the slide title

<div class="incremental">  

And then at the end


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