How to disable version control in phpstorm?


I am playing around with phpstorm and somehow I activated version control. I don't need it. Now all my tabs are different: orange text on gray background. All files in the file view are orange. How do I disable version control?

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Go to Settings -> Version Control and remove the folder from which you would like to remove version control tracking (coloring tabs etc.) It will naturally not remove version control from your project (as in deleting the .git/ folder for instance).


You can just remove vcs.xml from .idea folder and then restart PhpStorm


The ultimate way is to disable all version control plugins (under Settings -> Plugins): CVS Integration, Git Integration, GitHub, hg4idea, Perforce Integration, Subversion Integration. After restarting PhpStorm Settings -> Version Control tab will be gone.

Note that this will disable version control for all of your projects.


Go to Settings -> Version Control and remove the folder from which you would liek to remove version control.

I have not enough reputation to +1 Greg's answer or comment, but... for those who are interrested : the same goes for Webstorm.


I had this problem and I used from 2 of notes in these answers in these page together.

As Greg has mentioned in one of replies, your git repository is in .git sub directory inside directory that you want to manage it with version control system. When you define a git repository, PhpStorm automatically generate it and with creating this sub directory, it adds a file for handling mapping between itself and version control system. It calls vcs.xml and it's located in .idea sub directory.

It's not enough to remove only .git directory. When you remove .git, you will get an error in PhpStorm every time that you open your project due to not matching vcs.xml for mapping between PhpStorm and git repository of your project. So after removing .git directory, you must also remove vcs.xml files from .idea and now you won't have any error or warning in your PhpStorm.

It doesn't need to restart PhpStorm at all and after this, colors of all of files that was mentioned in questions return to normal colors in PhpStorm.


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