linux - Docker run command error


I have just installed docker and pulled their official ubuntu image following their documentation installation tutorial.

However, when I get to the point of executing a command in a specific container, I end up with the following error:

Error: Cannot start container f6e1084236794548bbd5cd059f46f916367106bf38ec24ad30ceefb9fb015291: fork/exec /var/lib/docker/containers/f6e1084236794548bbd5cd059f46f916367106bf38ec24ad30ceefb9fb015291/root/.dockerinit: invalid argument

it happens either I run: sudo docker run -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash or just a simple sudo docker run busybox echo hello world!.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?


1 Answer: 

I had this issue with a custom OVH kernel. Installing a stock kernel helped.


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