linux - List out text files from given directory in unix


Writing shell script to sort text file data from given directory with for loop in ubuntu as:

   echo "Enter directory Name"
   read dr
   path= ` find /home/user -name $dr `
   for x in ` ls *.txt $path ` 
       sort $x
   echo "------Script finished-------"

But this script is giving me error or message like(even tho' i have text files):

   ls: cannot access *.txt: No Such File or Directoy

I think there is problem with ls command,Is it syntactically wrong or what ? How to list out text files from given directory path ?

1 Answer: 

Here is a modified example. I do not know why backticks did not work so I used ():

echo "Enter directory Name"
   read dr
   path=( $(find /home/user -type d -name $dr))
   for x in `ls $path/*.txt`
       sort $x
   echo "------Script finished-------"

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