ruby on rails - tmux: are my other terminals still running?


I have started using a certain technique for launching my web code since I switched server setups.

I type

sudo startserverrails

Ctrl+B then D

Then to reboot I type

sudo killall ruby
sudo startserverrails

Ctrl+B then D

My questions are: when I kill the ruby, does that end the session that I started with tmux? And if not, are those sessions gonna "build up" and cause issues (such as slow my machine either by processor or memory)? If so, how do I close all current tmux sessions that aren't named?

This question may be altogether incorrect in the sense that I misunderstand tmux completely. If so, please let me know.

1 Answer: 

You can use tmux list-sessions to list active tmux sessions. If you don't explicitly close them, they may linger on. Use tmux attach to attach to an existing session. If you have more than one active session, you will be asked which one you want to resume.

man tmux is your friend.


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