node.js - Ubuntu + Nodejs + curl: (52) Empty reply from server


I have a nodejs process listening a port on my server:

app.get('/statistic', function(req, res) {

        getStatistic().then(statistic => {


When I try to access it via curl being on the same machine:

curl "<PORT>/statistic"
# or
curl "http://<EXT_IP>:<PORT>/statistic"

I get:

* Empty reply from server
* Connection #0 to host EXT_IP left intact

curl: (52) Empty reply from server

But when I access it via curl from another server I see a successful HTTP response.

I don't override res. Also if I put console.log(statistic) before res.json(statistic), I see that statistic is correct.

What's even more interesting - this setup worked perfectly fine for some time...

UPD: ufw is disabled.

1 Answer: 

Sorry, i find error - in the nodejs code there is a part which parses a file. The file has expanded and the execution of the method takes a long time.

Apparently, it so coincided that when I made a request from a third-party server, the method managed to work out and return data, and when asked from the server itself did not have time.

I found an error when the server stopped returning the result to a third-party server and console.log(statistic) before res.json(statistic) stopped working.

Thank you for your replies!


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